Interior and exterior decoration

The Gypséo range has been specially developed to meet the growing demands of interior construction sites, where plaster occupies an essential place. It continues the tradition in the use of plaster and lime plaster, in regions where these materials have been used for centuries.

Gypséo thin coated

Micro-mortar made from air lime and quartz granulate, washed and qualified. It is intended for the restoration of old plaster and lime plaster renderings.

Gypséo stucco stone

Mortar composed of coarse plaster, aerial lime and calcium carbonate aggregate. It is intended for the manufacture and restoration of stone and brick imitation plaster.

Decorative stone-look coatings


Range of water-based mortars, intended for interior decoration and facade cladding. Its appearance is available in imitation of different types of stones. It can be applied on many substrates and its mechanical properties give it strong adhesion and perfect behavior in climatic conditions.