Bavaria range

Since its creation in 1872, the Bavaria company, established in Germany, has designed and manufactured tools for stoneworking: forged tools, tungsten carbide tools as well as a range of pneumatic guns. The range is forged, faithful to Bavaria tradition and quality. Exclusive distributor of this range, ECP invites you to consult the catalog below. Our teams are at your disposal to answer your questions, requests for quotes …

Bavaria Catalog


Discover in pictures the GS46 pistol, pneumatic hammer from the Bavaria range, tested by Christian Fuchs, sculptor.

Tools and accessories

ECP has developed a range of tools and accessories for the proper organization of your sites, as well as for the application of ECP products.
The tools presented are of high quality and come from suppliers recognized on the market. They are classified into 5 categories:

  • Stone cutting and sculpture
  • Personal equipment and protection
  • Site preparation and protection
  • Big work
  • Finish

Our tools are on sale in our Strasbourg, Paris and Lille branches.

Tool catalog