Direct players in heritage action, ECP has specialized for 30 years in the research and development of technical solutions for the conservation and restoration of heritage.

Founder of ECP, José Soares drew on multiple experiences during major events, allowing him to develop a variety of skills. A close relationship with the scientific and academic world and their design office contributes to scientific research. Its various interventions in 2000 on the Lascaux cave and its ability to formulate quality binders used on the Gallo-Roman arenas of Arles but also on the Haussmannian facades, made the company aware of the preservation and enhancement of heritage. . The renovation of the Pantheon in 2013 placed it at the heart of restoration issues.

Our know-how at the service of cultural and artistic heritage

This detailed analysis of the situation very quickly enabled the formation of a network of partners capable of meeting these needs. The versatility of the company has given it knowledge both in architectural restoration and in works of art, which today allow it to assert an innovative and technical vision of the heritage field.

Our partners


ECP has developed a partnership with El.En, world leader in lasers and manufacturer since 1989. Parent company of an international group, El.En has based its activity on the research, development and production of laser systems for use in medicine, industry and scientific research.

Specialized in the creation of laser systems for the conservation and restoration of works of art, El.En combines the group’s philosophy oriented towards new technological challenges with the restoration of the artistic tradition of the past.

Sanistone PROsystem

KAZ doo has been developing PROsystem devices since 1998. These have proven their worth in more than 10,000 references such as religious buildings, castles, museums, administrative buildings, public or private monuments.

The meeting at the International Cultural Heritage Fair in November 2016 between Petar Čalić and José Soares, launched the foundation of a partnership between KAZ and ECP.

BCB Tradical

BCB-Tradical, expert in aerial lime, offers lime perfectly suited to old buildings.

Our entire Ornatis range is designed from BCB-Tradical aerial lime.


The GMH represents companies involved in the restoration of historical monuments and heritage, defending the interests of our profession and promoting the professions, know-how and specialized techniques of restoration. represents, the action of the GMH is carried out with public authorities, local and regional authorities, public and private contracting authorities, bodies and associations of the heritage and historical monuments sector.

Geste d’or

Geste d’Or is an independent and transversal association of building trades, present everywhere in France, which brings together project managers, project managers, companies, managers, researchers and users.

The cooperative thinking of the Geste d’Or is reflected in permanent exchanges on the evolution of professions and the relations between designers and practitioners, project owners and administrations, territories etc.


An international industrial group, Vicat is a French family business created 165 years ago in the lineage of Louis Vicat, inventor of artificial cement in 1817. With more than 30 million tonnes produced per year, cement is the company’s historical know-how. Raw material for the manufacture of concrete, Vicat cement is used all over the world.

Afin de compléter la gamme de mortiers de restauration, ECP a choisi le ciment naturel prompt de Vicat pour ses propriétés de prise et durcissement rapides.

Plâtres Vieujot

Les Plâtres Vieujot is a family business created in 1880 which specializes in traditional plaster. It supplies a wide range of plasters intended for facades, for the production and manufacture of decorative plasters on walls and ceilings. ECP, which works for the conservation of the built heritage, has seized the opportunity to form a partnership with Vieujot for the distribution of these plasters.

Soletanche Bachy

Soletanche Bachy, leader in soil reinforcement, has formed a partnership with ECP, to distribute its Stone range around an innovative process that uses biomineralization processes. The BIOCALCIS process, developed with a bacterium, makes it possible to consolidate the structure of the stones of old buildings. Depending on the rate of porosity and the alteration of the stone, it can be sprayed on the surface or injected, all followed by a calcifying solution. Developed with respect for materials, this natural process reinforces the condition of the material and allows it to extend its life without having to be replaced. It nourishes the stone in depth by the action of the bacteria which will produce calcium carbonate in the form of calcite.