ECP – head office

  • 33A route de la Fédération
    67100 STRASBOURG

  • Monday to Thursday, 8 am. to 12 pm. and 1 pm. to 6 pm. Friday, 8 am. to 12 pm.

ECP – Paris-IDF agency

  • 55 Boulevard Félix Faure
    Parc du Mauvin

  • Monday to Thursday, 7 am. to 12 pm. and 1 pm. to 4.30 pm. Friday, 7 am. to 12 pm.

ECP – Lille-Grand Nord agency

  • Village des Voiles 2
    1 rue de l’Union

  • Provisional hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning from 9 am. to 12 pm. only.

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