The conservation of cultural heritage requires the implementation of new, more precise and highly selective techniques, in order to guarantee the lightest possible impact on the original structure of the works. It is with this in mind that ECP has developed a partnership with El.En, world leader in lasers and manufacturer since 1989 . Parent company of an international group. El.En. has based its activity on the research, development and production of laser systems for use in medicine, industry and scientific research.

Thanks to ongoing scientific research, the field of application on different materials is becoming increasingly vast: stone, paints, wood, gilded metal, painted decorations, fabrics, paper … El.En has set up a range adapted to different needs and supports :


  • Last born of the El. En systems.
  • Very compact
  • Dedicated to stripping and cleaning large surfaces
  • Available in 3 versions: 20W, 50W and 100W

Video Demo Laser Infinito El.En. – Abbaye des Prémontrés


  • Combines two time regimes : short free pulse regime (SFR) and long Q-switching (LQS)
  • Most versatile system on the market
  • Suitable for cleaning stone, metal, murals, wood, ceramics …

Vidéo Démo EOS combo


  • Operates at 1064 nm for a small footprint
  • Efficient on large surfaces
  • Suitable for cleaning stucco, wood, textiles, glass and stone
  • Optimal 532nm wavelength for the removal of biological contamination

EOS 1000 LQS

  • Designed and built for use in restorative operations requiring precision and accuracy
  • Optimal for frescoes, gold plated surfaces, woods and sculptures.


  • Double pulse laser: more flexible and better suited to the diversity of cleaning operations in catering
  • Compact and lightweight system
  • Suitable for cleaning stones, metals, wood, gilding, frescoes and painted surfaces


  • Specially developed for cleaning easel paints
  • Removes varnishes and other incrustations without physically or chemically modifying the original surface