From reproduction of original works

Drawing on its experience in its molding activity, ECP has developed a range of facade decorations, made up of modular elements that are easy to integrate into a project (new or under renovation).

ECP strives to obtain the greatest consistency in manufacturing, with perfect uniformity of appearance, color and style. Cornices, bands, moldings, corner chains, capitals, masks or bas reliefs … These different elements are made by taking impressions on site or by direct printing in our workshop at the Paris – IDF agency. They can be made from plaster, lime plaster, stone mortar or from limestone or siliceous aggregates …

Manufacturing workshop

Our modenatures are manufactured in our agency ECP Paris – IDF, in Aubervilliers.

Examples of modenatures carried out

Cornice | Length: 1 m
Height 14 cm – Thickness 14 cm

Cornice | Length: 1 m
Height 26 cm – Thickness 25.5 cm

Cornice | Length: 1 m
Height 20.7 cm – Thickness 4.5 cm