Places and dates

On our premises:

  • 33 A route de la federation Strasbourg
  • TRAM Krimeri Line A stop
  • Plaine des Bouchers motorway exit
  • Free parking nearby
  • Disabled access


  • According to workshop address

Dates to be agreed, contact us.

Technical equipment

Dedicated training room – video projector – workshop – application supports – tools – products – materials (Airless, lasers …)


Oral formative evaluation throughout the modules.

Summative evaluation at the end of training by multiple choice questionnaire on prior learning.


Obtain 70% on the summative evaluation.


  • Understand the principles for laser beam ablation.
  • Select the type of laser according to the nature of the support and the elements to be ablated.
  • Use a laser safely.
  • Set up the implementation protocol.


  1. History of the use of lasers in catering
  2. Principle of the laser
  3. Laser machines
  4. Light-matter interactions
  5. Laser cleaning in practice
  6. Uses and examples of construction sites
  7. Security
  8. Questions – assessment – evaluation

DURATION – 1 day of 7 hours


Presentation – assessment of knowledge and needs


  • Principle of operation of a laser.
  • The properties of the laser beam.
  • Optical selectivity.
  • Concept of ablation thresholds (minimum and maximum).
  • The different effects brought into play during ablation, photomechanical effect, photothermal effect, photochemical effect.
  • The different types of laser and their mode of operation (nature of the effect used).
  • The notion of fluency.
  • The NF EN NF 16782 standard for the use of a laser in restoration.
  • Security:
    • Standards, recommendations, INRS.
    • Risks, means of protection, optics and smoke.
    • The organization of the site.
    • The job description.


Practical work :

  • Preparation of the work area.
  • Safety of the work area.
  • Contextual design of the job description.
  • Use of the laser on different supports in LQS mode and SFR mode.
  • Application of standard NF EN 16782.


Theoretical support during practical exercises.

Questions – assessment – evaluation


Over 1 day – 7 hours.

Training in our premises in Strasbourg or In-situ.

  • 850 € the training day (Price per person, maximum 4 people).
  • € 1,000 the LQS / SFR laser (rental + port).
  • Travel costs extra.