Based in Zagreb, Croatia, the company KAZ has been developing PROsystem devices since 1998, used in nearly 10,000 monuments and sites. Religious buildings, castles, museums, administrative buildings, public or private monuments are among the countless references.

A first meeting at the International Cultural Heritage Fair in November 2016, between Petar Čalić and José Soares, launched the foundation of a partnership between KAZ and ECP. Our mutual expertise naturally allows the conservation and maintenance of the architectural heritage.

Our references

Almost 10,000 installations in Europe Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, …

Hermitage Museum | Saint PETERSBOURG

The reputation of the Sanistone PROsystem electronic box is well established. On the strength of its commitment to heritage, the company KAZ made a Sanistone PROsystem device available to the famous Russian museum. The latter was installed in April 2016. Visible signs of the effectiveness of the process are observed from the first 48 hours.


This 19th century building had many square meters in the basements that could not be used because of capillary humidity. Combined with conventional means of ventilation and heating, the Sanistone PROsystem solution made it possible to dry out some 600 m2 of basements in 6 months and turn them into perfectly healthy premises.

Euphrasian Basilica | Porec

This 6th century sanctuary houses mosaics considered to be a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. The installation of the Sanistone PROsystem box made it possible to maintain their perfect state of conservation.