Tradical hemp concrete

The advantages of hemp concrete :

  • Very high thermal insulation
  • Sound comfort : sound insulation and sound insulation
  • High permeability and water regulation
  • Carbon (CO2) storage, which limits the greenhouse effect
  • Durability
  • Compressive strength
  • Fire protection

The different uses : In renovation or in new construction

  • Walls : filling of walls for timber frame constructions, or for renovating half-timbering to replace traditional cob
  • Interior lining : covering of all mineral substrates (rammed earth, cob, stone, cellular concrete, etc.), application on interior walls and partitions
  • Decorative plaster : on all types of mineral support, and hemp concrete, wide variety of Tradical finishes
  • Floors and floors : on the ground for thermal performance, on floors for its low density, thermal insulation and sound insulation
  • Roof and attic insulation : in ramps before laying the roofing, floors of lost attics
  • Low-energy rehabilitation thanks to lime-hemp concrete while preserving and respecting the building