The phenomenon of capillary rise

Capillary absorption is one of the main sources of humidity in homes. Old buildings built without a waterproof barrier, with porous materials (brick, stone, etc.) are subject to capillary rise. It is by migrating through the porosity of these materials that soil moisture rises in the walls, sometimes over several meters in height.

warning signals

  • Degradation and detachment of the material (stone, brick, plaster)
  • Appearance of saltpetre and mold stains
  • Unpleasant damp smell

the dangers of humidity

  • Heating overconsumption due to excess humidity.
  • Material damage such as the peeling of the wallpaper, the baseboards or the degradation of the plaster, plaster and plaster.
  • Humidity and the appearance of fungus can be aggravating factors of various allergies, irritations and respiratory diseases.

The Sanistone Prosytem solution

Principle : diffusion of a weak electromagnetic field

Sanistone PROsystem makes it possible to modify the electromagnetic fields inside the building and to reverse, in the walls, the direction of moisture migration without interfering with the masonry.

  • range of 9 to 67 m
  • floor area treated from 150 to 7000 m²

The 4-step solution

1 – Diagnosis

Free precise diagnosis carried out in your frame. Our experts and technicians intervene to carry out measurements and analyzes (temperature, hygrometry, presence of salts, electromagnetic field, thickness of masonry and humidity in masonry).

2 – Report

A visit report is drawn up and we will offer you our recommendations.

3 – Installation

If the diagnosis and the report turned out to be positive for the phenomenon of capillary rise, then the installation of our Sanistone PROsystem device by our technicians will follow. A precise identification of the zones will be carried out there.

4 – Monitoring

A follow-up will be set up with a follow-up visit from our experts within 6.12 or 24 months (depending on agreement) to see progress.

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