A passion that sparked a vocation

11/10/2020 is a date to mark with a milestone. Indeed, it seals the 30th anniversary of the company.

Since 1990, ECP has devoted all its expertise to the benefit of the noble cause of heritage preservation.

José SOARES, the founder of the company, started his career as an applicator within the Historic Monuments. It was therefore quite natural that he decided to found ECP, bringing all his skills to it.

At the beginning of its creation, the company offered only two types of products; defoamers and water repellents.

Development on the scale of its ambitions

Then, thanks to the experience and positive feedback from many projects, ECP grew and changed dimension.

The company has recruited and invested. From now on, ECP relies on competent and experienced staff to ensure efficient solutions in line with today’s problems.

It is in particular thanks to these investments that the famous range of Mortar ALTAR® was able to see the light of day in 2008. Since then, the company has strived to continuously improve and adapt its formulation.

Subsequently, other products and techniques were developed by the Research & Development department.

It is thus thanks to all these joint efforts that ECP is still capable today of solving a wide range of pathologies.

A big thank-you

The ECP company therefore wishes to thank all its employees, suppliers and customers because they have all made this great story possible.

Let’s continue together to ensure the sustainability of our heritage!