Desalination of masonry

The main causes of deterioration of stony materials are due to the action of water and salts. The latest scientific studies have shown that the most effective solutions for reducing the soluble salts present in masonry use the physical principle of advection. Optimizing the advection process requires the development of specific formulations adapted to the material to be desalinated.

Advectum range

In the form of powder to be mixed with water, the various Advectum compresses are formulated from natural minerals and plant fibers. Intended for the sanitation of masonry, they allow the extraction of salts up to several cm in depth. These are innovative formulations, adapted to the porous network of different types of materials.


A preliminary study makes it possible to determine :

  • The nature and concentrations of soluble salts as well as the depth of contaminated materials.
  • The nature of the most suitable compress.
  • The details of the implementation to ensure the success of the intervention.


The formulation of a desalination pad must be adapted to the material to be desalinated, in particular to its radius of access to the pores.