To harmonize the restoration, ECP has 2 families of stain and whitewash at your disposal. Compatible with stony substrates, these products make it possible to enhance them over the long term. Adapted to the restoration of old buildings, they are also applicable to contemporary buildings. Permeable to water vapor, these products have excellent weather resistance and resistance to clogging.


Non-film-forming patina, lasting thanks to the natural properties of the mineral fixative. It is perfect for the rehabilitation and restoration of old buildings.

  • Unalterable process and durability of colors
  • High covering power, even after dilution
  • Can also be applied in strong water
  • Economical solution: consumption of 50 g/m2 on average
  • Dilution possible up to more than 10 times its volume in water


Can be applied on Ornatis Tradi 2 and Rénov 2 plasters and on all types of plasters with exceptional aesthetics.

  • Air lime compound
  • All-natural material : healthy and ecological building
  • Authentic decorative appearance that allows refinement and creativity
  • Many possible finishes